Fresh, Potable & Production Water Trucking Experts Serving western Pennsylvania, eastern Ohio, and West Virginia

Benamati Water Service Potable Water Trucks

Since 2006, Benamati Water Service has been the premier locally-owned and operated water hauling company in Greene, Washington, and Fayette counties. Whether you’ve got residential, commercial or special event water requirements, let our reliable team be the one to quench your needs.

Fully-licensed and insured, the Benamati Water Service drilling and production team serves western Pennsylvania, eastern Ohio and West Virginia.

Specializing in Oil & Gas Field Services  

We supply the water required for local Oil & Gas drilling and fracturing operations including production water hauling, hydro testing, and fresh water for AST or frac tank filling.

The BWS delivery team serves both water removal from gas production and hauling fresh or potable water to ensure your production site is environmentally friendly.

Proper water management is vital to Oil & Gas operations. Working with Benamati Water Service means you’ll have the best in water management ensuring your job site is as efficient as possible, and aimed at keeping your job site expenses low.

We also offer the potable water services needed to run a smooth drill site and since we operate from several municipal tap locations throughout the region you can count on fast, reliable service to your nearest well service point.

We Understand the Importance of High-Quality Water Management for Your Jobsite

As logistics and transport specialists we precisely time production water hauling to individual tank storage volumes to keep your site running smoothly.

No matter what you need for your drilling or production site, Benamati Water Service can handle it. We ensure your project runs exactly as planned and keep costs reasonable throughout your producing period.

As an industry leader, we make safety, customer service and environmental responsibility our top priorities. With over twelve years in the field, you can bet on superior quality when using our water service.

Water hauling… hydro testing… AST or frac tank filling… We understand the importance of high-quality water management for your job site and we take our role in this process seriously.

Family-Owned and Locally Operated

We got our start delivering clean, municipal water for hot tubs and swimming pools.

We know how to properly fill a new pool and will work with your contractor to ensure it’s done right. Our service is reliable and affordable and the water is delivered exactly when you need it.

Professionalism is of the utmost importance to us – all of our drivers are timely, courteous and fully licensed.

Fully Licensed & Insured Benamati Water Service also offers potable water delivery for residential and special event customers.

  • Residential  – Swimming pools, spas, hot tubs, ponds and more
  • Commercial  – Storage tanks, construction site supply, etc.
  • Special Event  – Mobile water supply, dunk tanks and more

For your convenience, we can accept checks, cash and both Visa and MasterCard.

As one of the main suppliers of bulk water, we have the rights to operate from several municipal tap locations in the area. That means you can count on fast, reliable service and high-quality, clean water straight from the municipality.

Beat the heat! Call for a quote and schedule your pool water delivery in advance.

WAYNESBURG, PA — BWS serves western Pennsylvania, eastern Ohio and West Virginia.

We’re hiring DRIVERS! Day and night shift available.
Do you have gas industry experience driving an 18-speed ti-axle vacuum truck? Fill out an application anytime 8:00 am to 4:00 pm Mon-Fri.